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MLM companies business in India legal?

MLM means MultiLevel Marketing, is new concept of sales and marketing, adapted by some of the mlm companies in India, from various parts of country. Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Guwahati, Jaipur becomes the hot areas for the network marketing company. Few of our multi-level marketing companies operating in Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore and Bhutan as well.

In Network Marketing, a customer becomes independent sales agent, of that company to sell promote their product via word of mouth power. Doing this, he not only consume those products for himself but also gets the sales commission according to the compensation plan of that particular company, for promoting products in their circle of good friends and relatives.

In other words, we can say network marketing is a better format of direct selling, unlike direct marketing in this system a consumer which is also a sale agent, not an employee of that company, called Independent Distributor or Independent Consultant of that company, has right to appoint other independent distributors under his team which is called downline in direct selling business.

One can recruits distributor under his team, creating downline of distributors and hierarchy of multi level of sales and compensation is distributed to whole network according to his sales volumes and mlm plan, due to this an Independent distributor not only gets commission for the sales, he directly does but also gets the commission on team sales, which is being calculated through mlm software (a specially designed programme to calculate the Independent distributor commission) over his downline network sales, as he is declared to be the creator of this sales team.

Some people called it mlm india, Pyramid Marketing, Chain System, Referral Marketing, Direct Selling but in general it is famous as Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing

History of multi-level marketing companies and Is this a stable business for direct selling mlm leaders and product suppliers?

MLM (Multi-level Marketing) is crafted by California Vitamin Company a nutrition and healthcare food supplement selling company in USA, about seventy years back, now named Nutrilite. According to Nutrilite compensation plan, one has to recruit minimum 25% new consumers in his team to withdraw commission of 3% from their sales. Different from Direct marketing every time a consumer re-purchases, recruit new consumers to his sales team could generate income again and again like residual income.

Future prospect of network marketing and other home based part time opportunities.

Network marketing companies future lies in population and population being unemployed is an added advantage for this business. Over 70 percent of our country's population is young below 35 years of age and most of them are unemployed. Most of them belong to middle class families who always want to earn extra money with business whose investment is low or negligible and Network marketing India provides best business opportunities to earn extra money in this part time business. Country like India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Brazil has really bright future for it, provides part time jobs or home based jobs to youngsters who want grow their life independently. The above mentioned countries has got everything required for network marketing business, population, unemployed youth, middle class families and above all desire to become rich.

Not only this business is good for workers, who are involved in it but it has created a business for mlm product suppliers as well. Lot of small firms becomes the vendor of these companies and earning good amount stable profits.

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